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Move Organizing Services

Getting the clutter organized before making a lasting first impression on realtors and potential home buyers is critical. After we pare down and prepack, closets and cabinets will no longer be overstuffed. The home and storage will feel spacious and inviting. Let us help you get rid of the things you don't want and aren't using before you spend the money to move them.

We create simple storage solutions for frequently used items, for an easily maintained space.

- Meet with sellers to plan for sale/move
- Kitchen, closet , garage... organization
- Pare down furniture and personal items
- Staging with owners’ furniture and accessories


- Meet movers at new home and supervise unloading
- Unpack and organize according to homeowner's specifications

Home Staging
- Prepare your home to help it sell at the highest price, in the shortest time.
- Room editing
- Clutter elimination
- Closet and cabinet organization

The perfect gift for realtors who wish to give their clients a day of service.

Senior Moves
It can be physically and emotionally draining for our parents and grandparents when they move from their homes.

Scaling down a lifetime's worth of possessions and memories, coupled with leaving a residence they called home for decades, is difficult.

At Organize L.A., we are sensitive to these special needs in helping Seniors pare down, unpack and settle in to their new space in a way that makes the transition a little easier.

Bathroom Organizing



Serving: Santa Clarita, San Fernando Vally, Los Angeles & Ventura County
Nikki Simon, owner/operator