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Home Organizing Services

Who We Serve
People who are:
Generally or Situationally Disorganized
Overwhelmed by Clutter and Schedule
Moving In/Out

Listing Home for Sale
Tired of Paying for a Storage Unit
Feeling Out of Control

What We Do
To begin the process, we meet with you to establish your strengths, challenges, priorites, and goals. During this initial assessment, our goal is to analyze your organizing needs and establish a strategy to accomplish your vision.

If all you want is a decluttered space, we'll get right to it. If you want to establish new organizing skills, then we'll add just the right amount of coaching, teaching, and training along the way. We facilitate the challenges of uncluttering, activity planning, decision making and prioritizing with gentle encouragement and calm reassurance to ease the task. By creating customized systems and routines you will achieve goals and stay organized.

Space Efficiency
- Home, home office & business
- Kitchen pantries, cabinets & laundry area
- Closets, garages & storage spaces
- Bedrooms & family rooms
- Children's play areas
- Seasonal holiday decoration storage

Paper Flow Management
- Home office& business
- Filing, records & bill paying systems
- Mail, catalogs & magazines
- Photographs, recipes & keepsakes

Event Organizing
- Birthday parties
- Special occasion & holiday events

- Moves

Time Mangement
- Stop rushing through your day
- Take control of your schedule
- Find balance

Serving: Santa Clarita, San Fernando Vally, Los Angeles & Ventura County
Nikki Simon, owner/operator